Gardening services of all kinds

Red Kite is about hands-on advice and help of all kinds. The business began in 2011 with our passion for “grow your own”, helping others to grow their own food in their back gardens.

Growing to eat is still our main passion, but following the acquisition of RHS qualifications, we also offer ornamental garden advice and maintenance.  Our ornamental work focuses on plant care, pruning, weeding, propagating, dealing with pests and diseases.  If you’re more interested in someone who’ll get down on their hands and knees to look after your plants than people whose main interest is chainsaws and hedgetrimmers – get in touch.

On this website you can contact us to arrange an initial consultation or you can read about our allotment and garden or catch up with our latest musings on garden matters.

A selection of allotment goodies from the summer of 2011


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